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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Head10, and ordered by Whitehead11, the author of Manners. It has been written into the country that Sir R. has had two fits of an apoplexy, and cannot live till Christmas ; but I think he is recovered to be as well as ever. To-morrow se'nnight is the Dayu\ It is critical. You shall hear
The Opera takes: Monticelli pleases almost equal to Fari-nelli: Amorevoli is much liked ; but the poor, fine Viscontina scarce at all. ...1SI carry the two former to-night to my Lady Townshend's.
Lord Coventry14 has had his son15 thrown out by the party: he went to Carlton House; the Prince asked him about the election : ' Sir,' said he, ' the Tories have betrayed me, as they will you, the first time you have occasion for them.'
The merchants have petitioned the King for more guard-ships. My Lord President16 referred them to the Admiralty ; but they bluntly refused to go, and said they would have redress from the King himself.
I am called down to dinner, and cannot write more now. I will thank dear Mr. Chute and the Grrifona next post. I hope she and you liked your things.
Good night, my dearest child! Your brother and I sit upon your affairs every morning.
Yours ever.
10  A •well-known, tavern in Covent Garden.
11  Paul Whitehead. satirical poet : d, 1774.
12  The day the Parliament was to meet.    Walpole.
18 Passage omitted, 14 William Coventry (ciro. 1688-1761), fifth Earl of Coventry. 16 Thomas Henry Coventry (1721-
1744), Viscount Deerhurst.   He died before hia father.
ie Spencer Compton (oirc. 1674-1743), Earl of Wilmington; Speaker of the House of Commons, 1715-27 ; Paymaster of the Forces, 1722-80; Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, 1780; Lord President of the Council, 1730-42 ; KG-., 1738; First Lord of the Treasury, 1742.